Everyday, Families Throughout the Raleigh Durham area Choose Home Helpers Inspection Services For Their Home Inspection Needs and Here's Why...

Because we provide our Clients the Facts and Information they need to make an informed decision about their home in a Clear, Concise, Professional Manner.

From our friendly demeanor and methodical inspection procedures to our easy to read inspection report with pictures detailing all problem areas.

Delivered to you the SAME DAY - and backed with full technical support.

In other words
We Provide Peace of Mind!

Our clients have avoided hundreds of thousands of dollars in actual repairs and damages because they had their home inspected - Don’t pay for these damages out of your pocket.

Pass these costs along to the seller.

Have your Raleigh home inspection performed by a professional Raleigh home inspector.

We will spend as much time as it takes to thoroughly inspect the property you are purchasing, from the Roof to the Foundation and all areas in between. We run our inspections in three phases: Exterior, Interior, and Structural Components, and we invite you to be there during the course of the home inspection. We will stop at the end of each phase to identify and discuss with you any areas of concern we have discovered, but don't worry about taking notes, it will all be in our.

Easy To Read Home Inspection Report.

Click to view the level of detail we provide in our Sample Inspection Report

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