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Master Inspector, Radon Expert

Originally a licensed General Contractor in Massachusetts, my experience is diverse and includes single and multifamily construction, renovations and repairs in structures both historic and new. I have been involved with the building trades since I was a teen. In the early 90's I attended Wentworth Technical School and then worked 7 years in R&D labs as an engineering technician. For my work with fuel cells, high speed motors and flywheels, and power electronics for the burgeoning electric car and green energy field I was recognized in NASA Tech Briefs DRC-98-04 for my work with Satcon Technology and the Dryden Flight Research Center on an Electromagnetic Shaker for Flight Flutter Testing. Also recognized by The International Society for Optical Engineering for my work with Satcon Technology on Acoustic panels using magnetostrictive Metglas.
Home Helpers Inc. was formed in 2003 and now I use all of my analytical and mechanical skills to provide enviromental testing and the highest quality home inspections in our area.


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Business Manager, Marketing Expert

Certified Bookkeeper, Graduate of Lesley College, Master Chef, Wonder Woman.


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